About the Author

Ben Sekulowicz-Barclay is a graduate of the University of Surrey and currently works as a Web Developer/Information Architect in London, England.

As well as the Internet and all things webdesign, his interests include how Arsenal F.C. are faring, good music, good movies and trying to make semi pleasant noises from a guitar.

Working for you

At this time I am happily employed, and so would probably not be able to spend enough time on your project to do it justice. My C.V. is available for your records though.

About the Site

Beseku.com was re-designed to allow for better content, and more of it. It will most probably not be as well received as the previous version, and people will still probably only come here because of my dissertation.

The site was created using an Apple Powerbook 12.

The Front

The site was designed using Adobe Photoshop for mock-ups and graphical work and then structured in XHTML Strict 1.1. All positioning and styling is provided by a few CSS files.

Extra functionality is provided by a few Javascript functions, (including an improved modified version of Cameron Adams' onChange functions), and the headings are enhanced by the tremendous Siffer.

The Back

The majority of content for this site is in the form of simple XHTML files, but the journal section is driven by the rather great Wordpress CMS.

Accessibility and Standards

As mentioned above, this site uses XHTML and CSS for structure and decoration respectively. This allows the content to be seperated from the style of the site, making it infinitely easier to modify and use. With the flick of a switch, (a switch that creates an alternative style sheet automagically) the site design could be altered for display on mobile devices, projectors, television screens or in print or braille.

The use of these technologies, (known as webstandards) also make the content of the site accessible to many more users, as it is much easier to alter colours or increase text size. It should also function well with screen readers.

Although any user agent should be able to display the content of this site in some form, users of older browsers may not see the site as intended. Can I recommend the excellent Firefox browser to users on any platform, (although Apple users have less reason to switch). It is a vast improvement on Internet Explorer in every way.

If you are using a modern browser and find a bug, please contact me and let me know.

Handy Contact Form

To make contact, for whatever reason, use the form below.

Serious Stuff

Please feel free to use the techniques, hacks and nuggets of information talked about and/or used on this site, but please don’t steal graphics or code in its entirety. That would be unfair on me and lazy of you.

I don’t take responsibility for any comments on this site and they remain the property of their owners. Similary, any external content referenced on this site is viewed at your own risk. If it ends up being bums 'n' boobs, its your own fault and you shouldn’t be surfing the web at work.

Copyright © 2004 Ben Sekulowicz-Barclay. All Rights Reserved.

Frequently Asked

What’s with the name of this site?
The site comes form an old school username, based on my real name, Ben Sekulowicz-Barclay.
What’s with the name?
Parental angst and a dislike for school teachers and interviewers I imagine. Its pronounced "sec-a-wov-ich".
I preferred the old design. Why change it to this rubbish?
You are in good company but it got very stale and the layout couldn’t easily be adapted for more content. The old version is still around though.
Is this really version seven of the site?
Quite possibly, as I redesigned frequently while at university. The version may also be due to my addiction to the number seven.
You work as a web developer. What’s the company?
I will not talk about work on the Internet.
What CMS do you use to publish the site?
I use the rather great Wordpress.
I really like you. How can I email you and tell you this?
To contact me, use the handy form at the bottom of this page.

Other Stuff

At the last check, this site should validate as XHTML 1.1 Strict with valid CSS. If not, I probably forgot an &.