Automatic Gallery

This project was developed as a simple means of constructing an image gallery on a website, using the folder structure of a web site, alongside some simple server side scripting and CSS.

Galleries are assembled from the folder names present, and thumbnails are generated using the PHP graphic library. These are then arranged in a tabular format using floating divisions, allowing for easy manipulation of size and spacing.

This tool is being used on a number of live website, and a similar script was created using ASP making use of the ASPJpeg plug-in. A live version of the software using personal images is available to view at

Future Improvements

This is a very primitive version of the system, and the ability to add multi level galleries and tags will be added in the near future. Distant aims include adding the image retrieval system I helped develop to allow users to search by type, category, image subject and colour. This could also be expanded to allow generation of metatdata using the colour and title of images to suggest the mood of a picture, for example.

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