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While working primarily as a graphic designer for Alphameric, I was asked to develop the design, layout and user interface for an online application that would allow Betting shop owners to manage their multiple-screen displays without making a request to the central studio.

I was tasked with designing a central look for the site that was consistent throughout the application, and provide branding could be used for future on-line applications developed by the company. In addition, the user interface had to simplify the existing studio software into HTML form elements. Numerous form elements and inputs were required for each screen in the shop, which could be a maximum of 32, as well as an interface for editing and adding information and odds to any template in the library.

The application premiered at the Betting Shop Show 2003. For more information, contact Alphameric Plc..

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Although I am not taking freelance work at this time, my C.V. is available for your records.